Monthly H&I Meeting is on the 3rd Monday at 7 pm (Orientation at 6:45)

An H&I committee member is any member of Alcoholics Anonymous who has one year of continuous sobriety, has attended three consecutive H&I business meetings and attended the Orientation meeting. All committee members are qualified to vote in the general elections. (See the position description of the H&I committee member for other requirements and responsibilities.) A panel coordinator is an H& I committee member who monitors a set of panels at a particular hospital or institution. Panel coordinators are responsible for reporting problems or issues to the committee at the monthly business meeting. (See the position description of the panel coordinator for other requirements and responsibilities.) Panel coordinators are volunteers.  Representatives of other H&I committees are the Kern County Intergroup, General Service, Central Office, Bridging the Gap and Grapevine committees which are also required to give monthly reports. 

 The H&I committee has an elected board of officers consisting of a Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Literature Chairman. The purpose of the H&I board of officers is to assure compliance to the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous while fulfilling the purpose of H&I. There are three representatives to other AA committees which are elected positions. They are the Intergroup Representative (IR), General Service Representative (GSR), and the Central Office Representative (COR). Nominations for the elected positions are held at a joint business meeting in October with elections by written ballot at a joint meeting in November. Offices are held from January through December.  

The Hospital and Institutions Committee operates through the contributions of individual members and AA groups throughout Kern County. In keeping with AA tradition, and individual contributor may not donate more than three thousand dollars ($3,000) annually to H&I. A collection in accordance with the Seventh Tradition is taken at each monthly meeting to offset the cost of the meeting. Money collected in excess of that required for rent and coffee is added to the general fund for that committee. A contributor may designate some other distribution if desired but it must be clearly defined. Contributions with unclear or no directions for distribution will be deposited in the general funds. Groups often take up a separate collection specifically for H&I at their regular meeting or they may have a collection can set-aside for H&I donations. Contributions to H&I are purely voluntary. The individual funds will be as described: General Fund – Not to exceed $1,000 is for rent, office supplies, refreshments and miscellaneous expenses such as travel, and fund raisers.

 Literature Fund
 Not to exceed $1,500 is for books, soft literature, grapevines etc. Any excess money will be sent to Southern California H&I Intergroup.

Membership Requirements To qualify for membership of H&I, a volunteer must:·         
Have one year of continuous sobriety· 
Attend three consecutive H&I business meetings· 
 Attend Orientation Attendance at monthly committee meetings.
​ Members missing three business meetings in a row will automatically lose membership in H&I and must start over by satisfying the membership requirements once again. If that member is also a panel leader, he/she also loses the panel and must re-qualify before being able to take another panel. Attendance is taken at the monthly H&I committee meeting. All members must sign in and provide the required information on the sign-in-sheet. Falsifying information or signing in for an absent member is grounds for loss of membership. When signing in, members are urged to verify that the roster contains current address and telephone numbers and make corrections as necessary. Missed Attendance At Panels A “Dark Night” is a missed commitment to hold a meeting. Three “Dark Nights” per year is grounds for dismissal.               

Coordinators Panel coordinators are required to give panel status reports at the monthly business meetings. Panel coordinator must maintain regular contact with the facility being supported. Schedule conflicts with monthly meetings. For those panel coordinators whose commitment coincides with the monthly H&I business meeting, special consideration is given regarding the attendance rules. It is critical that these panel coordinators call or email the chairman to give his/her panel status and that they come to at lease 3 committee meetings a year. At those times, a suitable substitute must be found to cover their panel.

Want to help carry the message? Want to know how to speak on a panel? Bringing the A.A. message inside hospitals and institutions can provide hope for those in need. 
Come to our Hospitals and Institutions Committee Meeting every 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm with Orientation at 6:45 pm 100 Minner Ave Bakersfield, CA 93308  (Minner Ave and Norris Rd.)